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MOSCTHA-Dominican Republic


Joseph Cherubin, MD is founder and current Executive Director of MOSCTHA. In 1985, fleeing Haiti as a political exile, Dr. Cherubin sought refuge in the Dominican Republic. Seeing the way his fellow Haitians were treated on sugarcane fields in the Dominican Republic, he was compelled to act; he founded MOSCTHA, The Socio-Cultural Movement for Haitian Workers, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Initially created to provide healthcare to oppressed sugarcane cutters, MOSCTHA has since grown into a movement dedicated to improving and empowering underrepresented communities in both the Dominican Republic and Haiti. As Executive Director of MOSCTHA, Dr. Cherubin oversees all of MOSCTHA’s programming in the Dominican Republic and Haiti and facilitates and coordinates communication with MOSCTHA-USA.

Dr. Hipólito Dolis has been Vice President of MOSCTHA’s Executive Board for a decade, and has demonstrated continued support for our organization over the last15 years. With a solid academic background in legal studies (PhD), Dr. Dolis works as a legal consultant and rights advisor in the Haitian Embassy based in the Dominican Republic. He specializes in the processing of documentation of Dominicans of Haitian descent born in rural batey communities.

María Josefa Ureña serves as Executive Secretary for Mosctha-DR as well as General Administrator for the Centro de Salud Integral La Solidaridad (The Solidarity Health Center). For the last seven years she has also coordinated all mobile health care consultations in rural areas of the Dominican Republic, ensuring access to primary medical care and health orientation. A natural born multi-tasker, María's energy and discipline get the job done efficiently.

Lico E. Agustín serves as Community Development Coordinator for MOSCTHA in the Dominican Republic. With over eight years of experience in development, Lico is the one in charge of overseeing the administrative, strategic and evaluative functions of all the programs at MOSCTHA-DR. When he is not working late ensuring that all services are delivered properly and efficiently, you will find him busy with his other love: Poetry.

Tony Contrera Charpantier is the Health Program Coordinator for MOSCTHA-DR. Committed and highly motivated, Tony works closely with health promoters from 33 underprivileged communities spread across the entire national territory, and is responsible for directing, planning and supervising the execution of all activities related to sexual and reproductive health (HIV/AIDS, family planning), malaria and TB prevention, among others.

Nelly Pérez Baltazar is the Coordinator of our Education Program in the DR. Originally one of our school teachers, Nelly’s skills and dedication soon earned her a promotion as one of the technical advisors. Today she runs our Education Program and also oversees our microcredit services.

Francisco Guzmán is the Director of Projects for our office in Santo Domingo. He executes program planning, prepares grant proposals, and helps manage program reporting for our current donors and Executive Director.

Bienvenido Perez Dotel is the Coordinator of our Human Rights Program, and the person in charge of our Legal Department. He brings a broad knowledge of both Dominican and Haitian culture, as well as an academic background in law and human rights.

Eloi Perez Alfau helps coordinate all Malaria Prevention projects in the Health Program within the Dominican territory and border areas. He also serves as current Coordinator of Amutraba (Asociacion Mutual de Trabajadores de Bateyes, Mutual Society of Sugar Cane Workers).



Edison Suero straddles both sides of the border. Raised in a Dominican-Haitian household, Edison learned to appreciate multiple and often competing perspectives from an early age. In 2009 Edison founded MOSCTHA-USA in an effort to bring MOSCTHA's work to the American public and widen the network and support base to impact change in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It is not uncommon to find Edison up past 3am devising his latest strategic plan for sustainable development on the island of Hispaniola. It is this unique background that he brings to his position as Director of MOSCTHA-USA.


Rachele Morgante obtained a M.A. in International Affairs from the Graduate Program in International Affairs (GPIA) from The New School University in New York. She received her B.A. in International Studies at the University of San Francisco. Her areas of interests are international health, education and community development in the Caribbean and Latin America. These interests stem from the research completed in Colombia, working with children affected by HIV/AIDS and field experience acquired in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Ms. Morgante is currently the Co-Executive Director and Program Manager at MOSCTHA-USA. Rachele is Italian.


Alison Désir is an historian by trade, but human rights advocate by birth. A graduate of Columbia University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Masters Program in Latin American and Caribbean Regional Studies, Alison seeks to marry her book smarts with her street smarts. Alison serves as co-director of MOSCTHA-USA's latest project, Stop Indifference. Show Love. as well as MOSCTHA-USA's Director of Operations.

Caitlin Padgett is an internationally acclaimed health and human rights activist who has worked on advocacy and social change initiatives in 15 countries around the world. By the age of 26, she had founded 3 innovative programs (Youth Voices BC, Crystal Clear: Youth-led Peer Education and Support, and Youth RISE), providing skills and opportunities to young people thought to be disenfranchised, at local, regional and international levels. Caitlin serves as co-director of MOSCTHA-USA's latest project, Stop Indifference. Show Love.


Daniel Baez hails from the beautiful island of La Hispaniola, situated in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. Transplated to NYC almost 9 years ago, Danny has been working on Silk-Screen for 3 years for the likes of Rirkrit Tiravanija, Gavin Brown Enterprises & The LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies. He doesn't consider himself an expert in the technique (there's always room for improvement) but more like an enthusiast of hand made prints or things, willing to share his knowledge with anyone interested in receiving it. His love for charitable work, music, sports, films, art, fashion, dancing, chocolate, Mexican & Italian fare,  and cooking  (in that specific order) has no match. Danny Baez is currently the Design & Promotions Manager at MOSCTHA-USA.

Jane Borock is the Creative Director of MOSCTHA-USA. As Creative Director, she spends as much time envisioning as she does executing; she devises original concepts for all things advertising, marketing and design related and nurtures them through every aspect of their production and eventual release into the world. Jane has worked for more than a few mega-players, but she's often heard bursting with excitement about plans she's concocted for her smaller clients, which have included a 20 year old girl who plays ukelele, and a man who quit his Wall Street job to sell car friendly dog water bowls that don't spill. When Jane isn't changing the world one pixel at a time, she can be found fishing on the rivers of beautiful New York City.

Owen Cook is an award winning filmmaker and animator from the San Francisco Bay Area. Mostly self-taught, he splits his time behind the camera and making animation. He currently serves as MOSCTHA's resident filmmaker and editor.

Aliya Naumoff is MOSCTHA-USA's resent photographer. Aliya studied photography at The University of The Arts in Philadelphia. Post-graduation she was quickly hired by David LaChapelle as a lighting assistant where she honed her craft for two years. Aliya has curated art shows for GenArt at the Toronto and Sundance Film Festivals, as well as a benefit show for the ASPCA in New York. Aliya's work has been featured in many magazines, including Interview, Rolling Stone, I-D, Nylon, Dazed & Confused, Fader, TeenVogue, Wired, Missbehave, Bust, BlackBook, and many more.

Alex Pradel is Haitian, born in Port-au-Prince as Alejandro. As MOSCTHA-USA's Kreyol interpreter, Alex serves as a key liaison during multi-lingual meetings. Alex mulls over owning beach front property, dabbles in coaching wrestling, and occasionally walks onto the soccer pitch. His favorite readings are blueprints, he owns a tool belt, fiddles with the screw gun, and generally likes to get his hands dirty.

Steven Spivack graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a dual degree in Political Science and Latin American Studies, and a concentration in economics. As a citizen of both France and the United States, he has had the opportunity to see and experience the world from two differing points of view. Upon graduation he accepted a position as a Program Officer/Grants Manager at the Center for a Free Cuba, an NGO dedicated to improving the human rights situation in Cuba. He then moved on to the Pan American Health Organization as a member of the Rapid Alert and Response Team where he monitored such outbreaks as the H1N1 virus. He is currently completing his Masters in Public Health at the University of Columbia's Mailman School of Public Health and hopes to one day open his own NGO dedicated to improving health access for those living in the Caribbean.

Carolina Rodoli serves as Information/Liaison Associate for MOSCTHA. As a journalist she found her passion in community development while working with Haitian bateyes and Dominican rural villages back in 2005. Since then, Carolina has helped coordinate several grassroots initiatives, and has conducted fieldwork on female empowerment and renewable energy systems as part of her postgraduate studies in Human Development and Program Management.



Patrick Cherubin is Executive Director of MOSCTHA-HAITI. In 2007, MOSCTHA-HAITI was founded to offer programmatic support in health, education, water and sanitation, agricultural development, and human rights advocacy to communities in need. Patrick strongly believes that the future of Haiti must be Haitian led in order to achieve stability and sustainability. In January of 2010, MOSCTHA was one of the first organizations in Haiti after the earthquake. Since then MOSCTHA has provided countless tents, tarps, and mattresses, medical care via mobile ambulance to thousands living in earthquake-affected areas, and thousands of jugs of clean water for those affected by cholera. Working closely with locally based, community organizations, Patrick seeks solutions that provide immediate relief while seeking lasting long term solutions in Haiti.

Henriquez Nestrand serves as Community Development Coordinator for MOSCTHA-HAITI. As a local community leader himself, Henriquez facilitates connections with other local community leaders in the populations in which MOSCTHA serves. Henriquez has been volunteering for MOSCTHA-HAITI since 2008.

Sylvain Orne Junior is a medical doctor responsible for Health Services at MOSCTHA-HAITI. Over the past 4 months, Sylvain has directed several initiatives within the communities that MOSCTHA-HAITI serves to ensure proper access to health education, sanitation, and medical care.

Wolking Jean serves as Logistical Director for MOSCTHA-HAITI. Wolking joined MOSCTHA-HAITI in 2010 and is responsible for coordinating all transportation of Ambulance services, as well as monitoring MOSCTHA-HAITI's overall logistical plans.

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